The Reality Series: Refusal


The Real­i­ty Series is a col­lec­tion of mod­ern illus­trat­ed draw­ings of women being con­front­ed with the real­i­ties of life today. The con­cept behind REFUSAL is my unwill­ing­ness to grow into a stereo­typ­i­cal adult role that soci­ety has deemed as “nor­mal” or expect­ed.


The real­i­ty series is my most con­cep­tu­al body of work to date. My work is gen­er­al­ly based on cre­at­ing beau­ti­ful or hap­py work, but this series is much dif­fer­ent. Beyond the con­cepts, you may notice some dark­er imagery creep­ing in as the world has got­ten a bit dark of as late and as hard as I have worked to cre­ate my per­son­al bub­ble of hap­pi­ness, I find it hard to keep all of the dark­ness out. No wor­ries if you don’t like dark art, these are as dark as I go, which is not dark by any means in com­par­i­son to most dark work. It is sim­ply dif­fer­ent for me.

I hope you enjoy the work.

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